How can we solve the problem of persistent poverty in low-status communities and end the brain drain that cripples local economic progress.  We can plan development strategies focused on encouraging talented people to stay and help lift up their home towns.

Just like successful companies have talent-retention strategies, Majora Carter argues that these communities need to do the same.

"My musical, In the Heights, explores issues of community, gentrification, identity and home, and the question: Are happy endings only ones that involve getting out of your neighborhood to achieve your dreams? In her refreshing new book, Majora Carter writes about these issues with great insight and clarity, asking us to re-examine our notions of what community development is and how we invest in the futures of our hometowns. This is an exciting conversation worth joining.”

-- Lin-Manuel Miranda

Majora's new book now available for pre-sales :

Feb 2022 release !​